Sessions to pull back, rebalance, heal, and restore, to shoot you FORWARD with massive momentum.


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Many of us are walking through mud without knowing it...


But we experience the resistance in our external realities through a lack of opportunities, stalled growth or progress, or just a general feeling of ‘blah’. 


Additionally, ALL of us have ceilings that affect us and our growth trajectory: the amount of money that’s “safe to make”, the amount of happiness that’s “safe to feel,” and what we can expect for our lives. 


 Luckily, these ceilings are only there as the result of limiting beliefs.


When we’re able to pull back the curtain, address the blocks, and heal them, we SHOOT FORWARD without resistance, much like a slingshot. 


“The tapping helped clear blocks I didn’t realize were affecting me so much. The session is just so much positive energy you can’t help but feel a shift in yourself!”


“I am just more aware, more satisfied with where I am in regard to money. I find myself wanting more each day and feeling more worth it.”

Here's how Slingshot Sessions Work: 


First step: IDENTIFY.

We begin with a series of targeted questions to guide you to an understanding of what’s going on beneath the surface. This will help you to understand what the core limiting beliefs and fears are. 


Second step: RELEASE.

Employing several rounds of group Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT Tapping), you will be guided to release the emotional charge behind the fear or limiting belief. Without an emotional charge, it doesn’t worry the subconscious anymore, meaning it can be LET GO. 


Third step: REWRITE.

Then, we fill in with what we’d rather believe, through writing affirmations and establishing new beliefs. 


These sessions are for ALL “levels.” Whether you’ve been committed to healing and clearing blocks for years or you’re just getting started, these sessions are dedicated to any & all “ceilings,” so that you can fly forward. For example: maybe you’ve worked for a while on your fear of being seen, and it feels much more comfortable now. Slingshot Sessions will take you even FURTHER. 


"I was amazed at how quickly my blocks were released during my session. I will continue to practice EFT for all areas of my life. Thank you Haley for this gift of healing."


"I loved slingshot sessions for being able to help me get over/release my fear of being seen from a past experience that was heavily embedded in my psyche."


The sessions are 90 minutes each and center around the “Archetypal” Blocks We Often Encounter.

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Surrender Series

For Love/Relationships...

For Motivation...

For Abundance...

For Entrepreneurship...

For Self-Concept...

Each session will also produce customized affirmations for your ThinkUp app, as well as standard affirmations that can lead to major shifts. 


“I love all of the Slingshot Sessions I've attended. Definitely very useful in clearing some blocks, and I also discovered some new things that are causing my blocks during the session! The session was also fun and entertaining (was a nice surprise for me). Overall, these sessions are something that I would do again.” 


“I cleared blocks I have had for most of my life. It brought up things I didn’t even realize I was holding on to. Since learning how to tap & adding the specific affirmations to my routine, I have been more motivated & productive than I have been all year!”

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“I loved slingshot sessions. It was worth every penny and more to work through these blocks in a clear, concise way. I have taken a huge step forward in my healing journey. Thank you!!”