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Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) Disclosure, Responsibility Statement, & Client Agreement 1. I understand that Haley Hoffman Smith is not a licensed counselor, psychologist, therapist, medical doctor, nutritionist or any other medical professional. She has no formal training in these fields and she does not portray herself as such. 2. I accept complete responsibility for my emotional and/or physical well-being before, during, and after sessions, and I will instruct others with whom I share these techniques to take the same responsibility for themselves. 3. I agree that it is my responsibility to notify my therapist and/or psychical prior to using these skills and agree to their supervision if suggested. I will continue to take all medications as prescribed and remain under the care of my physician or therapist for any medical, emotional, or mental condition for which I am currently being treated or believe I may need treatment. 4. I will not use these techniques to try to solve a problem where my common sense would tell me it is not appropriate. 5. I take full responsibility for what I do with these techniques and will hold harmless Haley Hoffman Smith or anyone else associated with the techniques, from any claims made by myself, or anyone whom I seek to help. Subject to the other provisions of this agreement, I may use any of the techniques on behalf of others or myself. 6. No refunds will be granted after purchase. 7. I understand that by booking a session or package with Haley Hoffman Smith, I am agreeing to the above terms. I voluntarily make and grant this Waiver and Assumption of Risk in favor of Haley Hoffman Smith

Slingshot Session: Detach and Receive (Break Free)

This session is all about DETACHING to set yourself free. Perhaps you’re currently attached to something that just isn’t working out and it's causing a great deal of friction, or something that has reached its energetic expiration date in your life. Or, perhaps you’re attached to a manifestation and a vision you have for your life, and you know that you need to detach a little to let the magic in.

In this empowering session, we’ll be releasing the ironclad grip of attachment, to truly BREAK FREE of the belief that we NEED whatever we are attached to. This provides the space for MAGIC to come in.