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Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) Disclosure, Responsibility Statement, & Client Agreement

  1. I understand that Haley Hoffman Smith is not a licensed counselor, psychologist, therapist, medical doctor, nutritionist or any other medical professional. She has no formal training in these fields and she does not portray herself as such. 
  2. I accept complete responsibility for my emotional and/or physical well-being before, during, and after sessions, and I will instruct others with whom I share these techniques to take the same responsibility for themselves.
  3. I agree that it is my responsibility to notify my therapist and/or psychical prior to using these skills and agree to their supervision if suggested. I will continue to take all medications as prescribed and remain under the care of my physician or therapist for any medical, emotional, or mental condition for which I am currently being treated or believe I may need treatment. 
  4. I will not use these techniques to try to solve a problem where my common sense would tell me it is not appropriate. 
  5. I take full responsibility for what I do with these techniques and will hold harmless Haley Hoffman Smith or anyone else associated with the techniques, from any claims made by myself, or anyone whom I seek to help. Subject to the other provisions of this agreement, I may use any of the techniques on behalf of others or myself. 
  6. I understand that my full identity will NOT be disclosed, and all information exchanged during sessions is completely confidential, for the private use of Haley Hoffman Smith only to assist in sessions.
  7. I understand that by booking a coaching session or package with Haley Hoffman Smith, I am agreeing to the above terms. I voluntarily make and grant this Waiver and Assumption of Risk in favor of Haley Hoffman Smith. 
  8. No refunds will be permitted.

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Slingshot Session: Productivity/Motivation

We’ve all been there: procrastinating on what we know could be life changing for us, or waking up every morning with a long to-do list and no gumption to ACTUALLY get it done. Newsflash: you are NOT lazy. You are just BLOCKED! You’ll be amazed at the amount of extra energy and motivation you have to surge through your to-do list and expand into higher levels of motivation after this session. 

What People Are Saying:

I was in a weird spot before Slingshot Sessions. I wasn't able to put in some work before. I felt I was in a slump. I will admit, I had done some work with fixing my relationship with money but not with my motivation/productivity(I didn't know my subconscious controlled that as well. However, before when I had 30 minutes to spare, I would just scroll on my laptop. One day, I used that time to complete a letter of rec for someone. Who would of thought! As for money, I have implemented sharing it more with others i.e. sending Starbucks gift cards to friends I haven't talked to in a while(learned this is the Group Coaching). These are things I usually don't do but I love how these small tweaks have made me form a better relationship with money and my motivation to be productive. :)


I love all of the Slingshot Sessions I've attended. Definitely very useful in clearing some blocks, and I also discovered some new things that's causing my blocks during the session! The session was also fun and entertaining (was a nice surprise for me). Overall, these sessions are something that I would do again.


The tapping helped clear blocks I didn’t realize were affecting me so much. The session is just so much positive energy you can’t help but feel a shift in yourself!


I was amazed at how quickly my blocks were released during my session. I will continue to practice EFT for all areas of my life. Thank you Haley for this gift of healing.