$11.00 USD

Nighttime Quantum Leap Meditation

Take advantage of the Theta brain wave states as you drift off to sleep listening to this powerful nighttime quantum leap meditation. Created with the intention to be used at night, this meditation will guide you into vivid visualizations and surround you with expansive, magical energy to carry you into dreamland and the next morning. Listening at night is so powerful because your subconscious is more open to suggestion, willing your dream life to manifest faster. You are guided and held! 

You will receive immediate access to this meditation in your Kajabi library. You'll also receive an email right after purchase with a link to download the meditation directly.

This meditation is 12:45 long so you can easily and quickly access vivid visualizations and feelings of comfort and expansion. If you prefer to listen to affirmations at night on the ThinkUp app, just listen to this meditation when you're getting settled in bed, and you can turn on your affirmations right after.

Early reviews...

"I CRIED! It was like subtle happy tears and warmth? It was insane!" 

"It was heavenly. I woke up (at 4am easily!) feeling ready for my new life!" 

"Literally cried tears of happiness."

"It was so good! Different than others in the best way. I woke up happy this A.M." 

"I cried of joy during it." 

"I feel really refreshed and excited waking up today!"