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Slingshot Sleepover Visualizations

Want to skip the tapping? Here's your access point to all eight nights of visualizations from Slingshot Sleepover: Big Dreamer. Each visualization is about 10 minutes long and dives deep into your subconscious to help you create the life of your dreams from multiple angles!

Early reviews: 

"I felt so protected and loved-like a warm glowing blanket was surrounding me."

"I have NEVER cried before in a meditation. This was my first time and I cannot believe that I cried."

"The part where our future selves visited us was SO powerful! I just cried the happiest tears then fell asleep feeling so held and so guided."

"Full chills with these visualizations - MULTIPLE TIMES!" 

"I really feel my brain processing and making the changes during the meditation portion. It's like I go to a deeper level and really visit my future self."


As our brain and body prepare for sleep, we drop into the Theta Brain Wave state, making us easily suggestible. This means that your brain is WIDE OPEN and ready to receive the information coming in to make it a reality! It's time to 10x those manifestations, baby!


The Slingshot Sleepover eight night experience is highly potent for complete brain rewiring.

The topics per night are:

  •  Night 1: Believing it's Possible
  • Night 2: Worthiness
  • Night 3: Clarity and Receiving Inspired Action
  • Night 4: Consistency and Productivity
  • Night 5: Fear of Success
  • Night 6: Fear of Failure
  • Night 7: Letting Go of the "How"
  • Night 8: Attracting Abundance & Miracles

By letting these visualizations lull you to sleep, you'll wake up in a BRAND NEW reality where you feel confident, clear, and abundant.

Here's exactly how Slingshot Sleepover Visualizations work:

For 8 nights straight, you’ll lay down, get comfortable, and listen to a 10-minute visualization and meditation pertaining to the night's topic.

NOTE: Because these visualizations were made for Slingshot Sleepover, there are a few mentions of the tapping done beforehand or the content of that night. These are very minor mentions and all visualizations are JUST as effective without doing any tapping/the rest of the programming beforehand. But, we always recommend some good tapping! 

LOVE THIS AND WANT TO DO THE FULL SLINGSHOT SLEEPOVER EXPERIENCE? Your purchase of the visualizations will be applied to the overall cost of Slingshot Sleepover! Our team is happy to make you a code so all you have to do is pay the difference if you're ready to deepen the big dream rewiring work and add in the eight nights of tapping, too (with eight rounds of tapping per night).

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*PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are not available for this program at any time of purchase. Please read through all Terms & Conditions on the checkout page.