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Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) Disclosure, Responsibility Statement, & Client Agreement


  1. I understand that Haley Hoffman Smith is not a licensed counselor, psychologist, therapist, medical doctor, nutritionist or any other medical professional. She has no formal training in these fields and she does not portray herself as such. 
  2. I accept complete responsibility for my emotional and/or physical well-being before, during, and after sessions, and I will instruct others with whom I share these techniques to take the same responsibility for themselves.
  3. I agree that it is my responsibility to notify my therapist and/or psychical prior to using these skills and agree to their supervision if suggested. I will continue to take all medications as prescribed and remain under the care of my physician or therapist for any medical, emotional, or mental condition for which I am currently being treated or believe I may need treatment. 
  4. I will not use these techniques to try to solve a problem where my common sense would tell me it is not appropriate. 
  5. I take full responsibility for what I do with these techniques and will hold harmless Haley Hoffman Smith or anyone else associated with the techniques, from any claims made by myself, or anyone whom I seek to help. Subject to the other provisions of this agreement, I may use any of the techniques on behalf of others or myself. 
  6. No refunds will be granted for program purchases after the purchase has been made.
  7. I understand that by purchasing this Slingshot Sleepover: Money Slippers program, I am agreeing to the above terms. I voluntarily make and grant this Waiver and Assumption of Risk in favor of Haley Hoffman Smith. 

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Slingshot Sleepover II: Money Slippers

Eight nights to rewrite your money story. 4 rounds of tapping per night, and daily exercises to implement the changes. Massive abundance is waiting!

So, we know that the BEST time to rewire your brain is right before sleep.

As our brain and body prepare for sleep, we drop into the Theta Brain Wave state, making us easily suggestible. This means that your brain is WIDE OPEN and ready to receive the information coming in to make it a reality. 

MONEY TAPPING has been one of the most popular and influential of my offerings. Just read a couple of the testimonials regarding popular Slingshot Sessions "Money Blocks" and "Scarcity Stories", and "Massive Wealth"... (more testimonials on my website)

I got to thinking... what if we combine the power of money tapping with the Slingshot Sleepover methodology? And we leave no stone unturned. Every aspect of money mindset is touched upon over the eight nights - THEN the abundance momentum will really get goin'! 

That's what Money Slippers is: snuggle in (bunny slippers not necessary) every evening to release your old money story and invite in more abundance than ever. 

The eight nights of abundance topics are as follows: 

  • NIGHT 1. Clearing Scarcity & Money Discomfort
  • NIGHT 2. Spending Peace: The More You Spend, the More You Receive
  • NIGHT 3. Saving Peace: Money Management Confidence
  • NIGHT 4. Increasing Money Magnetism
  • NIGHT 5. “It’s Allowed to be Easy” To Manifest Money
  • NIGHT 6. Believing You are Worthy of Abundance 
  • NIGHT 7. Rewriting Your Money Story & Expecting Wealth
  • NIGHT 8. Expecting Money Miracles

Whatever your financial goals are - whether it's finding more comfort and peace with your finances, or hitting a whole new level of income, you'll achieve profound breakthroughs from the Money Slippers programming. And, it's lifetime access, so you can circulate all eight nights to continue to expand in your results!

For 8 nights straight (or, at a cadence of your choosing), you sit down with the Slingshot Sleepover programming for your rewiring sesh. Bring a notebook, a bedtime beverage (you know I love chamomile tea!) and get ready to dive in.

You’ll start with an EFT (tapping) video pre-recorded by Haley, which are each complete with prompts to uncover subconscious breakthroughs. Each video has four easy rounds of high-impact tapping on the topic from that evening.

Then, every single evening includes an exercise to help you reach optimal abundance. Some nights it's a visualization or meditation, others it's an "activation", a challenge, or something else. Think of it as a money mindset 8 day advent calendar! ;)

All sessions are pre-recorded so you can practice them at your most convenient time. Every purchase grants lifetime access to the content, so circulate these 8 nights as LONG as you'd like!

 ANY QUESTIONS? Email us at [email protected]

*PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are not available for this program at any time of purchase. Please read through all Terms & Conditions on the checkout page.