This is your magical escape to 10X your manifesting power, connect with others who are also pursuing their big dreams, and deepen your bond with the Universe. I created this community for other big dreamers who love spirituality - a place where we set intentions, go DEEP into subconscious breakthroughs, rewire our subconscious minds through EFT tapping, expand our abundance mindsets, and hold each other accountable.

This is done through a diversity of expansive programming options every single month, themed with the astrological calendar to take full advantage of energetic themes. Choose your commitment from the three plans below.


Dip your toe into the Dreamaway experience with a $5.55 monthly commitment. In the Starseed tier, you’ll get access to:

  • The Weekly Sunday Oracle Readings. We get together for an hour every Sunday to read the energy for the upcoming week and always begin with an energy work meditation.

  • Challenges & community accountability. Want to commit to meditating, working out, or free write daily? We do those and more - and make it fun!

  • Community forums. Chat with other Dreamers, share resources, and make friends.

  • Daily motivational & inspirational messages from Haley, every day M-F.

  • (NEW!) A one-hour Monthly Manifesting & Intention Setting Workshop in alignment with the astrological calendar.



Take your alignment and commitment a step further with a $33 monthly commitment, which expands upon the Starseed tier by unlocking:

  • A Monthly one-hour “Money Date.” Do some subconscious healing and EFT on ABUNDANCE! You’ll also get access to the library of all existing Money Date recordings (20 other high-impact money workshops!)
  • (NEW!) Monthly Visualization Workshops. Let’s MANIFEST! For 30 Minutes once a month, attend a live visualization for a manifestation in a specific area of your life. All audios of these visualizations will be available in the library.
  • Astrological updates on days of significant transits and what they mean for you.
  • An affirmations BANK to choose what resonates and charge up your affirmations game!
  • A weekly resource to help in your journey.


Go ALL IN and receive all of the above, but soar your monthly up-leveling with a $77 monthly commitment which grants access to the following:

  • Monthly 90-Minute EFT-Based Workshops  (Dreamaway exclusive Slingshot Sessions*), plus an ENTIRE library of 17 past workshops 
  • Monthly 1-hour group coaching calls with “Borrowed Benefits” tapping
  • 10% of ALL HHS Offerings


“The Dreamaway community has inspired me to move forward with my own podcast and entrepreneurial pursuits!”

Nora Riddle

“The content in the Higher Self tier has allowed me to manifest faster, embrace a happier lifestyle, propel my career, and contribute to my overall wellbeing. Super thankful every day for the members of this community!”

Luz Ruiz

"I joined Dreamaway to broaden my manifestation and spirituality capabilities, and so far, each day, I am letting go of those limiting beliefs and welcoming this extraordinary and abundant life.”

Tiara Hayes